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Executive message

In a global era of escalating environmental, social and governance policies, a decade of action on SDGs and climate change; as investors at both government and private ends, you are keen on delivering the hundred percent of your conventional construction needs, to focus more on advancing your building management system, premises performance and stakeholders’ reward.

When we started STED In the early days of 2015, we never knew we would reach as far as we are today, but it was a no-brainer that the construction world needed better MEP services and a new mindset to accelerate the transformation in the industry.

Then came a vision:
“A better quality of life and earth through engineering”.

And we built the process through our mission:
“Build an ecosystem of forward thinking engineers, clients, partners and supply chain that derive purpose through work and business culture; and together empower both humanity and planet earth.”

We invite you to join us in a collective fight against ignorance, poverty, pollution, inequality and injustice.

Thank you for believing in STED.
The Board
STED Saudi Limited

Business overview

STED Co Ltd. for Contracting of MEP and ELV systems offers engineering services, trading, contracting and design of projects in MENA Region.

STED Co Ltd. accumulates 250+ years of experience among its team. A decentralized organization structure allows for a robuhst decision-making enabling a dynamic task handling. Powered by in-house design, engineering and project management capabilities facilitate high-quality execution to projects at precise specifications, on time and within set budgets.

STED Co Ltd. team specializes in engineering support services, testing & commissioning and project management; with a proven professional experience and knowledge in different applied building subsystems and construction fields; and certified technical qualifications, uptodate and compliant with international standards and applied codes.

A Suite of MEP Engineering & Specialized Services

Standards and principles nurture success

We see our clients, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, team and society at the core of our values. We preserve humane practices that ensure a rewarding relationship with our stakeholders.
Inspired by Kaizen, we nurture a culture of efficiency, continuous learning, self-critique, bottom-up influence. We emphasize that “there’s always a better way” and progress never ends.
As part of the corporate world we hold social, economic and environmental responsibilities; we’ve integrated CSR, ESG and SDGs as a culture, and adopted purpose in every aspect of our value chain.
Being efficient is a way of life and a way of work. Efficiency impacts performance, operations, time, cost and quality. This lessens the load of cost and friction on our journey with all stakeholders.
We see decision making as a dynamic tool in engineering. This made us create an operational model that allows our engineers to take lead to execute projects to specifications, on time and within budget.
STED defines “quality” as doing it right at the first time and every time with correct specs and international standards. We are trained in every angle and we continuosly develop the team’s skills and performance.
A two-way conversation leads to better understanding, more synergy and tangible results. We also prefer to listen to you first and know your pursuit and requirements at 100%.
Globalization has an open-ended opportunity and technology has just boosted the gain. We can’t leave you out of the transformation scene, so we’ve been investing on design thinking and innovation to continuously stay and keep you up to speed.

Empowered by a world class team

STED’s organizational structure reflects diversity of disciplines in both business and management, this allows the firm to serve diverse requirements with engineering consulting, services and outsourcing capacity. the portfolio of expertise includes systems design and development, project management, Contracting, training and development. Apart from industrial engineering and business administration, the qualifications of STED management specialists encompass mechanical, electrical, electronic engineering and computer science. One attribute of the company is its unique ability to marry technology and expertise from a wide range of disciplines to its solutions, products and services.STED provides expert engineers with specialties in mechanical, electrical and low current systems.

Entrusted & certified by world’s leading bureaus

On a regular working day we take charge of six digits price tag systems that are not just only costly of money, but costly of health, safety and functionality to operate your premises; and this can’t be a normal responsibility for an average engineer.

STED engineers from across the ladder are continously trained and educated by the world’s top tier engineering institutions, who have become are growth partners and guardians of our quality delivery and work safety.

Consistenly we are updating our certifications to offer you the highest level of engineering on site and off site.

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Growth Partners

NEBB, ASHRAE, BSRIA, CSA, NFPA and ISO are our partners to achieve and maintain high performance by training, certification and the latest standards and procedures.

Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, KSA, CR: 1010618041
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Baabda, Lebanon, CR: 2040339
Branch Office: Sin El Fil, Youssef El Hayek Road, Houjeyli Center, 6th Floor

T: +9613516476
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